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Cricket Information In Marathi

Cricket Information In Marathi – Marathi Cricket Information – Complete Information About The Game of Cricket Cricket was born in India with the advent of the British. The history of Indian cricket begins in 1721. Calcutta Cricket Club was founded in 1792. Cricket was first played in India in the 1830s when British military officers taught their Indian allies how to play.

It didn’t take long for the Indians to pick up the new game and play it. Cricket was once played only by the royal families of India, but now it has become the most popular sport in the country. In 1866, the first Indian cricket team went to England. Indian cricketers showed their mettle for the first time by playing in international teams.

Cricket Information In Marathi

Cricket Information In Marathi

First, Maharaja Ranjit Singh joined the England team and became the first Indian to score a century in international cricket. India played England’s first test match at Lord’s in 1932. The Ranji Trophy was founded in 1934. RE. The Grant ICC T20 World Cup was first held in 1928 and the last in 2007.

Cricket Information In Marathi » In Marathi

This is an outdoor game. The main components of cricket are bat, ball and bat, without which the game is impossible. Cricket is a game in which two teams compete against each other. Each team consists of 11 players.

Additionally, if one team member is injured or otherwise unavailable, a 12th member steps in to fill the gap. However, this 12th man can only be used as a fielder or a fielder and cannot be replaced by a batsman, bowler or wicket taker.

In cricket, there are two umpires who are on the field to make different decisions; In addition, there is a third referee who watches the game on a television screen, and in exceptional cases – at the discretion of the third referee. The final decision will be reviewed.

The field is located on a field 2012 cm long and 305 cm wide. There are stumps on both sides of the field, and on each side there is a player with a bat. The branches make a stroke. The aim of the bowling team is to hit or catch the ball as quickly as possible before the batsman reaches the stumps so that the batsmen score as few runs as possible.

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The bowler is breaking the rules i.e. 1. Improper use of the weapon 2. The height of the ball is much higher than the height of the batsman. 3 outfield players in the wrong position. 4. When a bowler’s foot is outside the back crease, it is considered a no ball. for which the opposing team gets an extra run and no outs are valid except on that ball. In addition, the batsman is awarded a free stroke, an extra ball on which he cannot be bowled out without a run.

When the ball is too far away from the batsman, it is considered an error by the bowler, who cannot play under any circumstances, and extra runs are awarded to the batting team.

When the ball does not touch the batsman and the wicketkeeper also releases it, it is called a ball. This gives players time to score.

Cricket Information In Marathi

A leg drop occurs when the ball does not hit the bat but hits the batsman and goes before the batsman has a chance to escape.

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When a bowler hits the ball and the bat falls, it is called a bowl. If the bat does not move or falls at impact, it is not out.

When the ball hits the leg of the batsman but the ball does not touch the leg and instead hits the wicket, the batsman is considered lbw.

When the batsmen run between the wickets for a run, a ball will be considered a run if it is caught by any fielder and touches the wicket before the batsman reaches the wicket.

A batsman has only one ball to play; If he does it again out of fear of getting out, he’s out.

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If the goalkeeper does not touch the ball and runs, he can send out the player with the ball. When touched, it is called a stump.

A batsman is dismissed if he catches or touches the ball with his hand to avoid being caught.

If the second batsman does not return to the field within three minutes of being dismissed, he is dismissed. This is known as a timeout.

Cricket Information In Marathi

A batsman is sent off if he verbally abuses the opposing team or deliberately stands in front of them while catching the ball.

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T20 cricket is a new version of cricket that started in England in 2003. The purpose of introducing this style of play was to make cricket more interesting so that more people could watch it. Although the methodology of this game is almost similar to other disciplines of cricket, there are significant differences.

The format of Twenty20 cricket is similar to ODI except that the number of overs is different from the name. The game is played between two teams, each of which plays more than 20 matches. The players do not use the locker room because it is a shortened game. They lived on the roof of the farm.

Barring natural causes, a game of Twenty20 cricket never ends in a draw. Both teams will have to play one game each in the Super Over format. It can also be used as a thumbnail match. If a team loses two wickets in that over, they lose; Otherwise, the team with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the team with more than six wins; In case of a tie, the team with more fours wins.

In the earliest case of mention it was written cricket. The word may come from Middle Dutch krick(-e), meaning stick; Old English word crick or crys, meaning crutch or staff; Or the French word cricket, which means a wooden pole.

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Regardless of the position, cricket requires players to be physically fit, powerful and have good ball handling and coordination. Along with bowling and shooting, cricket also requires running and running between the wickets to stop the ball. Stamina and endurance are among the health benefits.

Experts agree that cricket may have originated with children who lived in the Wealds, dense forests and meadows of southeast England during the Saxon or Norman period.

So friends, in the above article we have seen the information about Marathi cricket. In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the information about cricket. If you have any information about cricket today in Marathi, be sure to contact us. Tell us what you think about this article in the comment box. Marathi Cricket Information – History Of Cricket And How It Started? Here you will get complete information about cricket. The game of cricket started from the era of England. Today we got information about all cricket in very simple language. You can check the index below to know what you will get in this post.

Cricket Information In Marathi

Cricket information in marathi language. Cricket is an outdoor game played with a bat and a ball. Today, cricket is a popular sport among many international sports. Cricket is a game that can be played by both men and women. The Cricket World Cup is one of the most popular international cricket tournaments. Women also play in this tournament. This game requires 2 teams. Although cricket is the national game of England, it is now played all over the world. 2 teams consist of 11 players.

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Mahiti Marathi Cricket – The game of cricket originated in England around the 13th century. At first in England, children started playing with wooden boards. While the ball was used a stone. This use continued until the 17th century. After the 17th century, the use of stone was discontinued and the ball was introduced. The weight of modern balls now ranges from 156 grams to 163 grams. This ball has been used since 1774.

The old Baat was made of wood and was similar in shape to a modern walking stick. After some time, its dimensions decreased, and the same weight decreased. Since bowling was not developed early, bats dominated bowling until the 18th century.

Cricket Field Information In Marathi Language – The cricket field is oval in shape. And in the middle of this oval plain is a rectangular area. This area is called the cricket ground. Players hit and throw the bowl from this field.

The cricket field is the same for men and women. But the six-field distance is different for men and women.

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The correct distance cutoff for men is a minimum of 70 yards (64 m) and a maximum of 90 yards (82.50 m), and for women a minimum of 65 yards (59.45 m) and a maximum of 90 yards (82.49 meters).

The boundary of the men’s square is a minimum of 65 yards (59.43 m) and a maximum of 90 yards (82.49 m), while the boundary of the women’s square is a minimum of 65 yards (59.43 m) and a maximum of 90 yards (82.49) . meters).

The average length of a cricket field is 66 yards (20.12 m). and the width is 264 cm. There are stumps on either side of the cricket ground. One side is for batting and the other is for bowling. At a distance of 1.22 meters from the stumps there is a line within which the player must hit. Likewise, on the other hand, the player must take a cup from the same line.

Cricket Information In Marathi

The Duckworth-Lewis Rule (DLS) is a mathematical formula designed to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a limited overs cricket match that has been abandoned due to weather or other conditions.

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This is accepted as the most accurate method of determining the target result, because of this environment the tie is decided.

If the ball hit by the batsman goes over the line, it is called a six. If that happens, six runs will be added to the tally.

Four runs are scored when the ball hit by the batsman hits the pitch without going straight out.

There are also additional innings under the rules of cricket. The batting team gets one extra ball and one run when the ball goes out of bounds or if the ball lands above the batsman’s waist.

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Marathi Cricket Information. Below are some of the rules and reasons for dismissing a cricketer under the Laws of Cricket. A batsman can be dismissed in various ways.

If the batter hits the ball directly in the air before the opposite fielder touches the ground,

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